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Welcome to the Vernacular Literacy Network website.

We want to share ideas and sample materials that can be used to develop exciting literacy programs in minority language communities.  We believe that literacy teaching should be fun, relevant, useful and fit with the social and cultural contexts of the learners. We also believe that becoming literate involves far more than working out how to read or spell words but includes interacting with those words and texts in meaningful ways and using them for meaningful purposes – from day one.
So, materials published on the site will be consistent with this framework, which we call a socio-cultural model of literacy. If you want to know more about what underpins our work and how to implement similar programs, click on the Helps and Hints tab. You'll find a collection of papers that explain things in more detail.
We welcome your contributions to the network so that the network can grow and good ideas can be developed and shared. Please contact us if you have something great to share. Contributions will be refereed and need to be consistent with our philosophical basis. But remember, all materials on the site are made available free to not-for-profit literacy and development practitioners.

 Contacting us
If you have questions about any of our papers or materials or would like to submit materials to be posted on the website, contact us as at:   
If you have comments about technical issues related to our website contact: 
We'd love to hear from you.

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