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About us

Who are we?

We are two friends who have done vernacular literacy work in minority languages, each for more than thirty years. Our shared experience in literacy work includes working in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and in an Indigenous language community in Australia. Together we have developed and taught literacy courses for those interested in working with indigenous communities at SIL Australia's training institute in Melbourne (2004 -2013) and managed a Literacy Support Project in the Solomon Islands focussed on Adult Literacy (2008-2014).


Glenys working with Solomons ladies

Hi, I'm Glenys Waters and teaching has been my passion from an early age – first with my teddy bear, then at kids clubs, and when I was old enough, I trained as a primary school teacher and taught for three years. My husband and I joined SIL in 1975 and worked among the Djinang people of North East Arnhem Land. It was a privilege to get to know the people, the culture and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Our two girls spent their primary school years at Ramingining and did grade 3-6 through Katherine School of the Air with Mum as supervisor. I managed to do a sprinkling of literacy work through those years. 

We transferred to Papua New Guinea in 1988, and learned Tok Pisin. My husband worked in admin and I enjoyed helping teams develop primers, ran writers workshops in different language areas, taught at regional literacy workshops and helped with admin work.  Then we returned to field work, helping a language project on Karkar Island. Bruce worked with the Takia language committee on the translation projects and I helped the elementary teachers develop a Takia curriculum for the Prep and Elementary 1 grades. Making books was such fun and still is. During this time I also ran regional and national literacy workshops, completed a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Education.

Hi, I'm Robyn Terrey. I grew up on a poultry farm and since I had no immediate playmates my best friends were my books. When I spent time with my Grandmother I loved to sit on the fence and read my books to the neighbours and people who walked past.

My greatest passion though for a large part of my early life was anything to do with hospitals and nursing and I became a nurse and also trained as a midwife. When I joined SIL in 1976 my interest and passion switched to all things to do with vernacular literacy. I spent 21 great years in the Philippines with SIL working in 2 language areas and as a consultant for my colleagues. My experiences included developing primers, teachers guides, and other reading materials; planning and conducting literacy tutor training workshops; developing a village literacy program and supervising literacy tutors. My nursing also came in handy when my village friends needed medical help and advice or a baby to be brought into the world.

I loved my various roles and experiences in literacy so didn’t find it difficult at all to join the EQUIP Training staff in 2003 where I have the opportunity each year to pass on all that I’ve learned to my students. I even went back to study for a while, enjoyed being stretched in my views on literacy theory and methods and have completed a Graduate Diploma in Adult Literacy and Basic Education.  

Glenys and I started working together when Glenys joined the staff of EQUIP Training in Melbourne in 2004. Together we updated and developed the literacy courses and enjoyed making our students venture into refugee communities for their class assignments. They were stretched and out of their comfort zone, but at the end of semester declared their multicultural literacy experiences a highlight. We also managed a vernacular Literacy Support Project in the Solomon Islands for over 6 years and enjoyed developing materials that were very relevant to adults in the communities there. And we've ventured into developing this website to share our ideas, materials and any other useful things we've learned about along our literacy journey. We hope you find the site useful.

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