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Bloom books

Bloom is an excellent book making program which works on Windows and Linux platforms. The program allows people in local-language projects to create the many books needed for people to practice and enjoy their growing local language literacy abilities. And it is free.
It has been developed with different levels of complexity. People with little computing or book layout experience can with minimal training produce books for their communities. But there is also some built in flexibility in layout and design for those with more experience (either computing or literacy teaching) so they can develop more complex layouts or more complex source book materials for others to use.
Bloom materials can be printed, saved as a pdf or epub, produced for phone or other tabloid devices or be uploaded to for others to use.
Here are some examples of  Bloom materials. Those files that end in .bloomd are for upload to phones or tablets. There are hundreds more in the collection. Make sure you have a look there.


Stadi bilong Rut Sapta 1.bloomd1.31 MB
Jesus heals the paralysed man.bloomd1.63 MB

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