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Blooming good!

Retirement has meant that I have had time to become serious about converting some of our Literacy and Scripture Engagement resources to Bloom and to get back to updating our website.
I've really been enjoying playing with Bloom and developing materials for a Bloom Training workshop in March. There are a number of additions the developers have made to Bloom that make it a very useful little tool.

  • I love the talking book function. This means that any book you make in Bloom can quickly be converted into a talking book. The recording function is so easy to use and it is very easy to fix your miscues and errors while recording!
  • Custom page would have to be my most used template page. This allows me as a book developer to be much more flexible with my page design than previously allowed in Bloom. And if I develop a page layout or two that I want to use often, I can make a template of those pages and add that to my add pages selection list. I can also make that template available for others to use - either privately or by uploading the template to For example, I uploaded a two page alphabet template to recently.
  • Now Bloom gives the ability to publish ebooks. Its a great feature and now users can also publish directly to Android phones and devices. This also means I can use lots of colour illustrations as there's no printing costs to worry about!
  • The development of Bloom Reader App makes uploading my files to my phone very easy and phone to phone sharing is very doable I'm told!
  • The online support group are also very helpful when I hit a problem and, as usual, the developers are amazing in how quickly they follow up any problems others can't help you with.

There's lots of other features that I enjoy about Bloom but I need to get back to bloomin as I have some unfinished books to complete today! If you haven't used Bloom recently I'd really encourage you to have a play with the current version. Its blooming good!
Over the next few weeks I hope to post a few more examples of Bloom books on this website to join the few that are already there. Some of our Solomons books are already on the Bloom library as well. I hope to post more examples to the Bloom Library as they become ready for sharing with a larger audience.

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