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Gupapuyŋu books

The books on this page have been produced for Gupapuyŋu speakers, from communities in North East Arnhem Land, Australia. Most are pre-publication drafts for people to download, use and check.  Suggestions for changes and additions are most welcome.
If you have an Android phone, download Bloom Reader from the Play Store on your phone. It is a free download.

  • Then download the .bloomd files below to your phone.
  • Locate the file on your phone. (If you have trouble finding the downloaded file, you may need to access it by going to >settings >storage >other (or miscellaneous) ) and look for Bloom files.
  • Once you have found the file you downloaded, tap on it, choose to open it in Bloom Reader. Then it has found its home and will open for you.

For iphones, download the epub files below and read them in ibook. At this point in time iphones can't read .bloomd files.
If you wish to have a print version, download the -for print- pdf files.

Djesuy gana marŋgikuŋala yolŋunha malaŋunha nhaltj.bloomd661.12 KB
Buku-ḻuŋ'maranhamirri Manikay.bloomd665.51 KB
Djesu wapurarrkuŋala wata ga gapu 16Jan-Gupapuyŋu.epub1021.03 KB
Djesu marŋgikuŋala yolŋu'yulŋunha 16Jan.epub1.91 MB
Matthew 5-Gupapuyŋu.epub1.38 MB
Matthew 6-Gupapuyŋu.epub1.23 MB
Matthew 7-Gupapuyŋu.epub417.13 KB
Djesu wapurarrkuŋala wata ga gapu 16Jan.bloomd965.6 KB
Djesu wapurarrkuŋala wata ga gapu -for print.pdf847.82 KB
Djesu marŋgikuŋala yolŋu'yulŋunha-for printing.pdf1.32 MB

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