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LibreOffice Draw opens Publisher files

 For a long time we've used Publisher for developing our literacy materials. However many of the people we work with, and perhaps you too, don't have access to that program. So, more recently we've been using LibreOffice Draw and that's been working pretty well. But, we then had the problem of what to do with all those Publisher files. It looked like we were going to have to spend many long hours copying and pasting everything from one template to another so that they'd all be in Draw. Well, thanks to the LibreOffice developers, the latest version (4) has the ability to open and save Publisher files. How amazing is that! We're very, very happy and relieved.
Well after working extensively lately on opening Publisher files in Draw I've discovered some issues that have been the cause of some frustration and have made the transfer of Publisher files into Draw format not as easy and straight forward as I first thought.
One big issue relates to formatting in Publisher not carrying over into Draw: things like dot points, paragraph numbering and indents. All of these need to be reformatted once the text is in Draw.
Other issues are with images: if any cropping has been done in Publisher, it doesn't carry over into Draw. Draw interprets the image as the uncropped version so I've spent a lot of time taking the images across into Paint to recrop them and to clean up any messy bits and edges. If images have been resized or rotated in Publisher, those elements don't carry across into Draw either.
So, while there are definitely lots of pluses for Draw opening Publisher files, there are still many issues that need to be first identified then rectified which all takes time and care. However probably nowhere near as much time as if the file had to be recreated from scratch in Draw.

blog | by Dr. Radut