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Numeracy materials

Numeracy materials

Adult numeracy materials

The Every Day Maths books series were developed by Glenys' sister, Lynette Lindroth. They are for use by adults in Solomon Island Literacy projects. They were translated into Pijin but can be translated into any other language. The focus is to develop maths skills needed by adults who live in agrarian communities for every day activities.








There are four books in the series so far, one for each of the first four terms of a literacy class. You can click on the titles below to download a pdf version.

Every Day Maths Level1 Book 1

Every Day Maths Level1 Book 2

Every Day Maths Level 2 Book 1

Every Day Maths Level 2 Book 2

If you want the publisher versions they are here:

Level 1 Book 1            Level 1 Book 2       Level 2 Book 1     Level 2 Book 2

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