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Scripture primer

For many adults a strong motivation to learn to read is to be able to read scriptures. This Scripture primer page will give examples of different kinds of scripture primers that can be developed in minority languages. There are strong similarities in method and page design to the IMR primers. Please refer to the foundation papers about these primers on this website to understand how to use and design them.
Mark Primer
This primer uses six stories from the Gospel of Mark to teach people to read and write. It uses shared reading and repeated readings, discussion and the teaching of a new sound in each lesson. It can be adapted into any minority language quite easily.

View the Mark Primer sampler           

Download a larger file, the complete Mark Primer shell


Creation Primer

This primer is based on the creation story (Genesis 1) and is intended for use with beginning readers. It can be used as a Level 1 or entry level primer.

Click here to download the Creation primer sampler

Click here to download the Libre Office full Creation Primer file

Click here to download the instructions for creating the Creation primer


Noa Primer

This primer is based on the story of Noah (Genesis 6) and is intended for use by new readers who have already completed the Creation Primer. It can be used as a Level 1 or entry level primer.


View the Noa primer sampler




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