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shell books

The shell book samples we are adding to this page are of books that have proved popular or useful in Melanesian contexts. When choosing a shell book you need to think about whether they are appropriate for your community and culture. Some shell books will work well in any community but some are very culture specific. Having said that, all of them can be used to spark ideas for similar stories that would be appropriate. Shell books should never displace locally authored materials but can be used to increase the quantity of books available to a community. To see or download pdf's of the books click on the underlined titles.


The bragging pineapple

This story was written and illustrated by Michael Jones when he was working in PNG. The original version evolved from a play on words in Tok Pisin, as his title was Amamas Ananas. While amamas is mainly used to mean happy, delighted, proud it can also mean to boast and of course ananas is the word for pineapple. See how Amamas Ananas meets a sticky end.

If you wish to do this book in your language, download the scans here.


Young dog goes hunting

Puppies are adventurous creatures full of energy. But they often get into mischief. This one gets more than he bargained for. A story by Scott Breadon with lots of repetition that is good for children who are learning to read. Scott is happy to share his illustrations. Just make sure you give credit where it is due. Thanks!



Rascal Rat

During times of the big rains stories get told as we shelter from the storms. Grandfather Rat tells his grandchildren about one of his adventures as a young rat and his brush with death. Another of Scott's stories to share with young children.

Click here to download a LIbreOffice Draw file for your use (900KB) 

Birds of our area

This book was originally developed for language groups in the Sepik area of Papua New Guinea by Peter Brook. Each birds features, habits and foods were described. You may have many of the same birds in your area, or you can substitute pictures of your local birds for any that you don't have.

Look for the shell book file in Libre Office next week.


Alphabet book

This book is based on an alphabet book originally developed for the Lau people in the Solomon Islands in 1982. We liked the format and based the current Pijin alphabet book on it. In some literacy programs tutors like to introduce all the sounds of the language first and then begin work on a primer. Using an alphabet book like this is a good beginning point.


How Dog and Rat became enemies

A story written in the Somom Islands to share in different island communities. Dog and Rat, being good friends, take off for a day's fishing together. But the day ends with them having a quarrel and not being friends ever again. What could happen to cause all the fuss?

Download the LO Draw file here (1250kb).

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